About The Coffee Mom

About The Coffee Mom Coffee Shop in Tarlac

Welcome to The Coffee Mom, where our passion for coffee meets a dedication to creating a remarkable experience for each guest.

At our core, we are more than just a coffee shop. We are a community of coffee enthusiasts and certified coffee baristas united by a shared love for the art and science of coffee-making.

The Coffee Mom was not only created for the sake of having another coffee shop in a city full of such; it was built with a significant goal to introduce the absolute goodness of coffee extracted from fresh Arabica coffee beans harvested from our local coffee farms in the Philippines - specifically those farms in the Cordillera highlands.

With a vision to provide a haven for both coffee lovers and car enthusiasts, our story begins with a couple - Anj and JN Dela Cruz.

Meet The Coffee Mom and The Coffee Dad

The Coffee Mom and The Coffee Dad

Anj Dela Cruz

Anj - The Coffee Mom

The Coffee Mom

Anj, a home-based SEO Manager for over 13 years and a coffee enthusiast for over 20, is "The Coffee Mom."

One may think that being a nocturnal work-at-home mom drove her to become a coffee lover. The truth is - Anj's love for coffee started even before Starbucks made its way to the Philippines in 1997.

As a Grade School student who was always afraid of not having a perfect score in her recitations, quizzes, and exams, coffee became Anj's best friend every school night. All gratitude should be directed towards their helpers who helped her sneak coffee under her parents' noses.

Over the years, coffee has always been Anj's go-to drink. She would always choose coffee over soft drinks, juices, shakes, milk teas, or even water sometimes. She never liked sodas.

Anj's taste for coffee became more and more meticulous as she got older. Sugar-loaded desserts disguised as Iced Coffee drinks from overrated coffee establishments never excite her.

Her meticulous taste for the quality of coffee she drinks also pushed her to create The Coffee Mom's coffee shop and website - to serve coffee the right way and hope to educate everyone about it.

Anj spends most of her time at home - working remotely as a full-time SEO Specialist and Content Writer, baking The Coffee Mom's premium palm-sized cookies and signature cheesecakes, creating marketing materials for both The Coffee Mom and Nanoworx Car Care, or spending time with their three children.

Jn Dela Cruz

Jn - The Coffee Dad

The Coffee Dad

Jn is a supportive and business-minded husband. He's the front face of the couple's other business - Nanoworx Car Care. Everyone likes to call him "The Coffee Dad."

Jn started drinking coffee during his third year in high school. He always liked his coffee "almost black and almost sugarless." But at the store, his favorite daily dose of caffeine is The Coffee Mom's signature drink - the Iced White Chocolate Mocha.

Almost every day, Jn spends approximately 12 hours at Nanoworx Car Care - where The Coffee Mom is also located.

Meet the Staff

The Coffee Mom Staff #TeamCoffeeMom


Ram - The Coffee Mom Head Barista

Head Barista / Operations Manager / "Number One"

Having years of experience as a certified coffee barista, Ram showed exceptional skills when they crafted The Coffee Mom's menu weeks before the store officially opened on August 6, 2022.

Not all baristas and coffee shops know how to calibrate espresso. On the other hand, calibration has been Ram's daily morning routine to ensure the quality of every drop of coffee served at The Coffee Mom. But unlike other people in the coffee industry, he is exceptionally generous when sharing his barista knowledge with everyone.

Ram's skills, drive, passion, and dedication align with The Coffee Mom's number one goal - to serve the best quality coffee in Tarlac without turning it into a "sugar-loaded dessert in a cup" or "just another commercial coffee."

Ram's unwavering loyalty and exemplary management and operation skills have earned him the respect he deserves. It's rare to find an applicant who could wait for 5 to 6 months before he could start working. This future Johnny Abarrientos 2.0 is indeed a man of his word.


Joel - The Coffee Mom Junior Barista
Junior Barista / "Number Two"

Joel, a.k.a. "Attorney," also has years of experience as a certified coffee barista. He had defied the odds during the first few days of training at The Coffee Mom. Since then, everyone already knew that he was destined for the position.

In one of his previous jobs, Joel was tasked to do everything - being a barista, cashier, server - all in one! This was one of the reasons why everyone had a hard time convincing him to stay in one place during his first few days at The Coffee Mom. His agility, vivacity, and soldier-like loyalty are his greatest qualities.


King - The Coffee Mom Coffee Shop Attendant and Junior Barista Trainee
Coffee Shop Attendant / Junior Barista Trainee / "Number Three"

King's extensive experience in the food and beverage industry and his outstanding customer service skills made him the best coffee shop attendant The Coffee Mom has hired since Day 1. Despite being the youngest on the team, he has the talent to know what a person needs before asking for it.

King's fast-learning ability and positive work ethic have allowed him to become a full-fledged barista in the next few months. He's currently undergoing barista training.


Jiro - The Coffee Mom Coffee Shop Attendant
Coffee Shop Attendant / "Number Four"

Jiro is the newest member of #TeamCoffeeMom as of this writing. Like King, he also has a brief experience in the food and beverage industry.

Jiro's jolliness and optimism can brighten even the darkest of rooms. He always remembers to greet people, even during the busiest hours of the shop.

People may think he's a "happy-go-lucky" guy. But the truth is, he's working hard for a reason - a good reason many of us can relate to.